Pre- Preschool Rooms

Your child is maturing rapidly. Active and mobile, they are confidently moving around on a tricycle and using other wheeled toys. These adept movers respond freely to music and love the rhythms of music, shaking and twisting their bodies. Better hand-eye co-ordination allows mastery of new tools like a toothbrush and scissors. As children grow and develop it is vital, we challenge and progress their learning.

Giggles Early Years also caters for those children who miss out on their preschool year. Within these rooms your child will still avail of similar high quality, challenging play environment covering the six areas of development as outlined by the Preschool Curriculum. Staff carefully select and provide a wide range of open-ended resources which inspires your child’s development.

Giggles Nursery 11
In our Pre-PreSchool rooms we focus on

Social/emotional well-being

Communication and language

Physical Development

Early Mathematical Experience

The Arts

World Around Us

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Preschool After School

Giggles Early Years provide a wrap around service for our preschool children they receive a warm, freshly prepared meal to help them refuel and prepare them for the rest of the afternoon. We also offer a collection service from some of the local nurseries.

Our highly qualified staff continue to offer varied open-ended resources and activities in line with the children’s interests to promote the six areas of development.

As your child continues to grow and develop within this room, they will learn to show greater self-control. Develop their independence dressing, feeding, and washing. Begin to know what is right and wrong. Their pretend play will become more complex and sophisticated, although they may still need help in separating fantasy from reality. They will demonstrate a basic grasp of number, colours, size and time. And grow more confident in social situations with greater communication, initiating conversations with others.