Self-nominated ETI Visit

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Self-nominated ETI Visit

Giggles Early Years  self-nominated itself to work with ETI and facilitated  a one-day visit on Monday 20 February, as ETI take forward the development and refinement of their quality improvement strategy.

We evidenced the following:

  1. What is the vision we have for your learners?  Where has it come from and what informs it?
  2. What are our current priorities for development in order to achieve the vision?
  3. How responsive is the are, our  context, the starting point of the learners and the main risk factors/barriers it/they face(s)?
  4. How Giggles identify and build upon success?
  5. How is progress monitored and reviewed? What is the impact of the vision on the holistic development of the learners?
  6. The extent to which the Giggles is developing as a community of learning?

The inspector was really impressed by our provision, she highlighted our child centred provision, the strength of learning through play and the high level of curiosity and problem solving through our provocations and our commitment to professional development. She said her visit really mirrors our vision and values where we make a positive impact on our children and provide them with an engaging environment to  learn while improving outcomes.

Well done to Sarah, Naomi, Yovanna and Caron.

The inspector thanked the setting for putting ourselves forward in the process.


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